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About the project

The APRI project ( ) is supported by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) and Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) for severe accident research. It is a long-term project with different focus renewed every three years, in order to resolve the outstanding safety issues in NPPs and the research needs of the concerned parties.

The goal of the ongoing phase of the APRI project at KTH is to help qualify severe accident mitigation measures in Nordic BWR and PWR plants. The research topics are as follows:

  • post-dryout heat transfer and remelting of a debris bed;
  • in-vessel melt pool behavior;
  • reactor pressure vessel failure and melt ejection from the vessel;
  • metallic melt jet fragmentation in a water pool;
  • quenching and oxidation of ex-vessel debris bed;
  • limiting mechanisms and suppression techniques for steam explosion;
  • modeling development and refinement for addressing above issues; and
  • development of small-scale FCI experimentation toward using prototypical materials.

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