About the project

Severe Accident Facilities for European Safety Targets

SAFEST: An EU-supported pan-European Integrated Research Infrastructure Initiative for increased safety of nuclear systems at EU level

Main objectives of the SAFEST project

  • Development of research roadmaps to focus future European R&D on the stabilisation and termination of severe accidents in PWRs and BWRs
  • Creation of an integrated pan-European laboratory for severe accident research able to address and successfully resolve the wide variety of issues related to severe accident analysis and corium behaviour
  • Establishing the access to SAFEST research infrastructure to investigate the phenomena from the early core degradation to corium pool formation in the lower head, and ex-vessel melt situations
  • Continuous improvement and upgrading of the SAFEST infrastructure to increase the experimental capabilities and overall quality of R&D to meet current and future challenges
  • Applications of the results of the project to the light water reactors worldwide

The project is coordinated by Alexei Miassoedov (KIT) and consists of 9 international partners.

The research facilities involved in this project include:

  1. QUENCH at KIT
  2. MOCKA and LIVE at KIT
  3. VULCANO and VITI at CEA
  4. DEFOR and SES at KTH
  5. CODEX at EK
  7. DISCO at KIT
  8. RESCUE at CEA
  9. MISTEE at KTH
  10. KROTOS at CEA
  11. POMECO at KTH
  12. CERES at EK
  13. COMETA at UJV
  14. FLF at ITU

For more information, please visit the project website here .

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