Our research

Selected works

  • Prediction of metallic and superconducting superfluids in hydrogen and deuterium at ultrahigh pressures
  • Prediction of "type-1.5 superconductivity" and "semi-Meissner state", see also a bit more popular desciption and the recent overview
  • First discussions of paired states in multicomponent superconductors
  • First discussion of knotted solitons in condensed matter systems
  • Non-Meissner electrodynamics in multicomponent superconductors
  • Fractional Flux vortices and magnetic flux delocaliuzation and inversion in multicomponent superconductors
  • Violation of the Onsager-Feynman superflow quantization in superconducting superfluid
  • Spin-superfluidty in triplet superconductors
  • Introduction of vortex sublattice melting transition
  • A mechanism of giant reduction of coupling between handronic superfluids in neutron stars
  • First discussion of the pseudogap concept in high-energy-physics-related models
  • Introduction of a "hidden vortex lattice" concept in paired superfluids
  • Theory of proliferation of competing tangles of topological defects
  • Stable topological solitons in three-band superconductors