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Theses and student projects

If you are interested in the research in condensed matter theory, there are several ways to get involved.

The first step is to explore the profile pages of the faculty and publications lists to find topics of interest. You are then welcome to contact us for further discussion. The following options are then available:

Project work

The second level course SI2800 Project Work in Physics  provides as a first experience with research and can also help prepare for a more ambitous master thesis.

Master thesis project 

If you are interested in doing a master thesis project with any of the faculty, feel free to get in touch. We regularly accept master students for thesis work. It is always helpful if you state your general interests as well as more speccific project interest if you have any. You can also write us to ask for recent interesting literature if just want to find out what we are interested in. It is a good idea to get in touch early and not just right before starting a project.

Phd positions

To find out about PhD positions it is best to contact faculty members directly.