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Physics administration

Presentation of the people behind the email addresses and whom to contact regarding what.

The Physics administration uses joint email adresses to make sure you get in contact with an administrator who can assist, even if someone is out of office. We all have different units or departments of which we are responsible but we work in teams to be able to support both our departments.


What can I contact finance about?

Contact us if you have financial questions regarding your projects, budget for your application, reporting for your project or general questions regarding finance.


What can I contact HR about?

You can contact HR with questions regarding your employment, work environment and recruitment. We are also a support for all staff. You are welcome to contact us at our office, email or by telephone.


What can I contact about?

All kinds questions regarding course administration from teachers and also answering questions from students.

What can I contact about?

All kinds of questions regarding PhD students and also answering questions from PhD students.


What can I registrar about?

Handles all documents for registration and archive.


What can I contact department administration about?

General questions regarding who to contact or where to find information, ordering of common items, travel bookings for guests, editing of email lists, room bookings, fika bookings and changes in fruit and milk deliveries.