Theoretical Nuclear Physics

The theory group works in subjects which are important from a pure theoretical point of view as well as for the interpretation and development of experiments which are been carried out in various laboratories around the world. On-going projects are, for example, calculations on various properties of nuclei using different nuclear structure models and development of nuclear models using experimental data. We also investigate the effect of nuclear structure on alpha and proton decays as well as nuclear reaction. The main subjects in which the group is working are:

a) Foundations of the nuclear shell model configuration interaction approach
b) High-performance shell model calculation and truncation algorithms
c) Alpha clustering, pairing collectivity and radioactive decays of exotic nuclei
d) Shell model in the complex energy plane and role of the continuum in nuclear spectra
e) High accuracy mass calculations based on the Wigner Kirkwood method
f) Pairing properties in drip-line nuclei
g) Interdisciplinary subjects

Our research is supported by the Swedish Research Council (VR). The strong impact of our group is based on extensive?international collaborations with researchers from Europe, Asian and America. We hosta round 5 leading visiting researchers per year. We are able to support a few postdoc positions every year. Please contact: Chong Qi for more information.

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