• Light shed upon x-ray beams surrounding black holes

    Published Jul 04, 2018
    New findings and enhanced knowledge about the environment surrounding black holes has been discovered by an international research team at KTH, led by Mark Pearce. The research has been carried out with a telescope built at KTH, the PoGO+.

  • PoGO+ the Telescope that didn’t give in

    Published Jul 04, 2018
    After a failed attempt of getting the POgO+ telescope 40 km into space carried by a helium balloon twice the size of the Globe Arena in 2010, and an inability to make an attempt in 2011 due to weather conditions, the international research group finally succeeded in 2012. The aim was to collect data from the Crab and Cygnus X-1 and the results brought back by PoGO+ has rendered a new field of research.

  • New Phenomenon Discovered in Nuclei

    Published Jun 20, 2018
    Evidence for a new unexpected phase transition has been found by a collaboration of international research groups led by Bo Cederwall, Division Head of the Nuclear Physics division at the KTH Physics Department.

  • Lower radiation and higher resolution with new x-ray technique

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