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  • Light shed upon x-ray beams surrounding black holes

    Med hjälp av observationer av tvåstjärnesystemet Cygnus X-1 ökar bland annat kunskapen om den extrema omgivningen runt svarta hål. Illustration: NASA/CXC/M.Weiss.
    Published Jul 04, 2018

    New findings and enhanced knowledge about the environment surrounding black holes has been discovered by an international research team at KTH, led by...

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  • PoGO+ the Telescope that didn’t give in

    The PoGO+ campaign team. Left to right: J-E. Strömberg (DST Control), N. Uchida (Hiroshima University), C. Lockowandt (SSC), H-G. Florén (Stockholm Uni), M. Pearce (Principal Investigator, KTH), V. Mikhalev (KTH), H. Takahashi (Hiroshima Uni), M. Chauvin (KTH), M. Friis (KTH), T. Kawano (Hiroshima Uni), M. Kiss (KTH), T-A. Stana (KTH).
    Published Jul 04, 2018

    After a failed attempt of getting the POgO+ telescope 40 km into space carried by a helium balloon twice the size of the Globe Arena in 2010, and an i...

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  • New Phenomenon Discovered in Nuclei

    Memebers of the Nuclear Physics division. From the left: Bo Cederwall and Ph:D students: Xiaoyu Liu, Wei Zhang, Aysegul Ertoprak, Farnaz Ghazi Moradi, Özge Aktas
    Published Jun 20, 2018

    Evidence for a new unexpected phase transition has been found by a collaboration of international research groups led by Bo Cederwall, Division Head o...

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  • Lower radiation and higher resolution with new x-ray technique

    Published May 15, 2018
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