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Experimental Facilities

The SWECOR (Swedish Corium Research) experimental platform at NPS integrates unique experimental facilities to study different phenomena of corium-water interaction, jet fragmentation, melt spreading, debris formation and coolability. The facilities employ different oxidic and metallic corium simulant materials to study local SA phenomena. A number of instrumentations is available for high speed measurements, such as high speed acquisition equipment, high speed cameras, high temperature fiber optical equipment, quantitative characterization of the debris beds (open/closed porosity and laser measurements of topography in DEFOR and PULiMS), as well as several RF generators, inductive and resistive furnaces for melt preparations. In addition to SWECOR, NPS also maintains a couple of experimental facilities for GEN-IV Research, namely the TALL and BUTRA facilities.

Some of the experiments are performed in our concrete containment  that has been certified for 6.5 bar static pressure.