Bachelor theses project

Welcome to do your Bachelor thesis project at the Department of Physics. We offer projects of both theoretical and experimental character in a wide range of areas in physics.

Find a project

Please find the project list for spring 2020. Read and find something that interests you. Feel free to contact the supervisor if you have any questions about the projects.

KEX-projekt_Fysik_2020.pdf (pdf 2.0 MB)   Senast uppdaterad 20 oktober.

Please choose 3 projects which interest you and email them to  and

We try as far as possible to satisfy your wishes and will assign the projects to you in December.

Course web

General information about the course can be found at the Course web

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General questions

General questions about the Bachelor thesis projects at the physics department may be directed to the Coordinators.


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Pär Olsson
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Jack Lidmar
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